How to measure your ring size

Finding the perfect ring size is essential to make sure that your new jewel will fit comfortably and securely on your finger. You can easily determine it using one of these 2 methods.

1. If you already have a ring:

1.Measure the inside diameter of your ring and then find that measurement on the Ring Size Chart below.

2. If you don’t have a ring, follow these easy steps: 

1. Cut a strip of paper long enough to fit around your finger

2. Wrap the paper around your finger, just above the knuckle, and mark the point at which the two ends meet

3. Measure the paper from mark to mark

4. Find that measurement on the Ring Size Chart below to locate your size


A few tips to remember during the process

1. Temperature: finger can shrink or expand a lot depending on the body temperature. Make sure you take the measurements when fingers are at room temperature.

2. Knucles: if your knuckle is a lot larger than the base of your finger, measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle and select a size in between the two.

3. Ring Band: rings with a thicker band feel tighter than the thinner ones. When buying a thicker band, I advise to buy a full ring size bigger then your normal one.

Please, keep in mind that all the pieces and handmade and unique, therefore they can present little differences in terms of size and finish.